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Tell This To Your Competition...

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Tell your competition to shut the hell up! Yes you heard me right, I just gave you the whole spill in the first sentence. I figured I would save you the suspense of waiting until the end like I do often in my posts. Well, I guess I will now work in reverse to get back to the making of this post.

There are so many times in life where we find reasons, or better yet excuses, as to why we are not successful. So many obstacles seem to come out of thin air, and they block us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Well, what if I told you these obstacles do not come out of thin air at all? That's right, many of the obstacles we face in life are fabricated, edited, and published by a single entity. That single entity that creates most of the obstacles in our life is.... *drumroll*... Your competition.

Your competition can be your biggest hater. Your competition can be your greatest obstacle. Your competition can be the very essence of struggle in your life. Your competition can be a nuisance. Your competition can bring on stress that is uncalled for and avoidable. Your competition can set you back. Yeah, I hear you, your competition is turrible (in the voice of Charles Barkley).

I hope by now, you are asking yourself a very important question. Who is my competition, and what do I do about it. Well, I told you what to tell your competition, but let's dive a little deeper. It is way past time, that you check your competition.

Going into a new day, week, month, year, and decade, I want you to C2C! Commit to Consistency! Commit to the consistency of telling your competition no, when a no is deemed necessary. Commit to the consistency of telling your competition yes, when a yes is going to propel you forward. Make a conscious effort to train your competition to respect you, and to realize that you are unstoppable.

Now, why this picture you ask? If you have been watching my videos for any amount of time, or if you are following me on any of my social media profiles, you may know where this is going.

Yes, I am about to let you know eggs-actly who your competition is. The picture that you see below is a picture of my greatest competition. That's right people, as I was partially into my workout at the gym last night, I had a talk with my competition. I informed my competition that it was no longer going to slow me down from achieving my goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I informed my competition that he had better put his seatbelt on, because 2020 is taking us both on a positive journey that I will not allow him to interfere with. I informed my competition that I was going to win, win, win, win, win. I told my competition that he is either with me or against me. Yes I literally quoted Jay Rock's song Win to my competition.

I put my competition on notice, as I always do. Yes, that is right people... Your greatest competition is right in the mirror. Your greatest competition is YOU! So, I encourage you to have a conversation with your competition, and simply tell it to shut the hell up! Any time you feel that you are less than... you know what to do. Any time you feel that you are not enough... you know what to do. Any time that you have forgotten that you are the 5Cs, (go back and read the blogs on the 5Cs)... you know what to do.

I want you to know that I am proud of you for making it through this year, and I have your back in this next year. However, one of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to check your competition each day you wake up with and attitude of gratitude. It will take some time to rid yourself of all the self doubt, self pity, and self limiting thoughts, actions, deeds, and beliefs. Despite that, I know you are capable, competent, confident, conscious, and courageous to do so.

As always, remember that God loves you and so do I. Love Life, Live Love, Peace Together, Not Apart.

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