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So five months into this year it is past time I tell you about why I've declared this Harvest Year. It was all about the mindset I wanted to bring into the New Year. 2022 was a year of investing for me. I invested a lot of time, thought, and money into my profession. In particular, I wanted to really get the speaking portion of my business in a growth trajectory. I tell people that as a life coach, I change the world one session at a time. As a speaker, I change the world one engagement at a time. As an event emcee, I change the world one event at a time. As a facilitator, I change the world one class at a time. So, I desperately wanted to increase my number of engagements.

In November of 2022, I started to declare that 2023 will be harvest year. I felt deep down in my spirit that some great things were going to happen for me in 2023. However, I didn't just want to claim it for myself. I want each of you to know that this can be harvest year for you too. The only requirement is that you have already put in some work towards your journey.

So here goes the mindset! In 2023 we are going to reap the harvest on the blood, sweat, tears, hard work, sleepless nights, stress, etc. that we have sown into our hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Take inventory of where you are when you read this blog, and I want you to chart out where you would like to be on December 31, 2023. From there, start to welcome that better version of you. Notice, I didn't say chase; if you chase something that means it is fleeing you. Also, because you've already put in work, now it is time to reap the harvest.

If this message resonates with you, send it to 3 people! As always know that God loves you and so do I. I want you to love life, live love. Peace together, not apart. Yall take care!

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