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P&Z Life Coaching, LLC Client Service Agreement

This agreement sets forth the expectations and standards that both client and coach expect during the coaching relationship. Policies and expectations are outlined in the following:


1. The Relationship between Client and Coach


As the Client’s Life Coach, Mike James, doing business as P&Z Life Coaching, LLC (hereby referred to as Coach) will partner with the Client on a journey of discovery, self exploration, accountability and follow through. The Coach’s job is to help discover, create a plan and reach certain goals in the Client’s life. The Coach will help the Client discover within themselves the beliefs or issues that are blocking the Client from moving forward in achieving these set goals.


The Coach operates from a particular coaching model, but it is the responsibility of the Client to follow through with implementing the plan set forth between Coach and Client.


2. Term of Service Achieving the results desired and expected by the Client and Coach normally takes time.


In order for the coaching to be most effective and to allow time for changes and results to occur in the client’s life, the client will commit to a Discovery Package of 3 sessions.


Either party may terminate the coaching relationship at any time after agreeing to have a final session before concluding the relationship and settling financially and outstanding fees. The Coach agrees to refund any unused pre-paid fees.


3. Scheduled Sessions


Regular coaching sessions will be delivered by meeting at a specific time and place agreed upon by the Coach and Client. Coaching sessions will last for 60 minutes and are billed at a rate of $111 per session. Coaching packages are available at a lower rate.


Fees are payable by the month, in advance.


4. Cancellation of Appointments


The Client is responsible for any regular session fees that the Client cancels with less than 24 hours notice. Cancellation should be given by phone, not email, whenever possible.

5. Additional Calls


Unscheduled calls or sessions will be billed at the regular rate after a grace period of 15 minutes.


6. Confidentiality


The Client’s identity, relationship, and content of the sessions are strictly confidential except in a situation where such confidentiality would violate the law, such as harm to self or others, child or elder abuse.


7. Payment Method


P&Z Life Coaching, LLC accepts credit cards, cash and checks as methods of payment.


8. Liability


Client agrees and understands that P&Z Life Coaching, LLC. and all of its employees are not medical or physiological professionals. They are not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical practice.


If a situation arises where medical or psychological intervention is needed, P&Z Life Coaching, LLC is ethically and legally bound to refer the Client to a mental health or medical professional.

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