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Sending some Joy!

What's up beautiful people! It's been a rough couple of weeks since I last wrote a note. We are currently experiencing something that many of us could have never imagined this time last year. I first want to send my love to everyone who has experienced any complications from covid-19, anyone who has lost a loved one, anyone who has lost a job or are experiencing any hard times due to covid-19.

These are times when it is important to make sure that we surround ourselves with positive things from books, music, loved ones, exercise, prayer, meditation, etc. It is my sincerest desire that we all come out of this sooner than later, and better on the other side of this. I have been thinking about ways I can be of more service to everyone during these times. Well, one way is to continue to share my light, love, and positivity. Another way is to make my services available to more people during these times.

Well, guess what...

🚨Breaking News🚨This week I will be announcing a special offer for 30 minutes of life coaching. These sessions will serve as a way to help you navigate through these tough times, and to be a partner to those who may not have anyone to talk to during these times. All I need you to do is pay attention to my social media this week.

Here is how you can find us on all of our social media platforms.

In closing, I encourage you all to breathe and focus on things that bring you Joy. Go through your photos/videos of your last vacation. Listen to your favorite music/album. Read your favorite book. Watch your favorite shows. Call your loved ones. Exercise, stretch, meditate, eat healthy. As always, remember that God loves you, and so do I. Love Life, Live Love. Peace Together, Not Apart. Yall Take Care!

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