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Murphy's Law

I am Somebody, Today I am Great, Tomorrow I will be Greater, because Miss Murphy Said So!

The above affirmation blossomed out of my subconscious into my conscious mind about 8 months ago when I was at the start of a new journey to better myself spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and financially. It came back into my life at a time where I needed it most. I was then reminded of the African Proverb, "When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear."

Why do I speak of the affirmation like it was something from the past? Well, it was. Twenty two years ago, I was blessed to have an amazing 8th grade homeroom teacher. She was the epitome of a caring and nurturing educator. She was impactful beyond what she could have ever imagined.

Of the many things she instilled in her students, Murphy's Law maybe one of the most important things I learned in all my 13 years of K-12 education. Murphy's Law had to be recited everyday in class. Little did I know that it would stay with me for life. "I Am Somebody, Today I Am Great, Tomorrow I Will Be Greater, Because Miss Murphy Said So!"

I am so grateful for Miss Murphy, and her love for being and educator for so many years. I am so grateful for my Brother, Shermaine Ford, for answering the call to get me in touch with Miss Murphy after all these years. Most importantly, I am so grateful, that after 22 years, I saw Miss Murphy again! She looked as young, beautiful, and vibrant as she did all those years ago.

Now you all know the story behind Murphy's Law, and now you too can understand that...

You Are Somebody, Today You Are Great, Tomorrow You Will Be Greater, Because Miss Murphy Said So, and I Concur!

The Amazing Miss Murphy and I!

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Thank you so much, and she remembers all of us!


This was jaw dropping for me and upsetting. I was upset because you got to see the famous Ms.Murphy and I didn't. That was my teacher also!! Jaw dropping because black surely don't crack and so proud of my brother. Keep Inspiring!!

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