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Last Week... All I Can Say Is Wow!

What's up beautiful people! As I sit here, fresh off of reciting my affirmations, on a fun Friday morning, I can't help but to think about how full I am about last week. I have participated in various community service activities over the years. I believe that community service and giving back to the community will always be a staple for me and my life's mission. However, last week just felt different.

I absolutely love our youth. I think that our past, present, and future lie in the hands of this next generation. Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in two service events that directly impacted our youth. The first event was the SERVED 4th Annual Back To School Rally, and the second event was the Birmingham Education Foundation's Career Development Conference focusing on Life Skills.

SERVED 4th Annual Back To School Rally January 12, 2020

This was an amazing event where there were enough free school supplies for 700 area students to get them equipped for the second half of the school year. There were vendors, free hair cuts and nail painting, supplies, and... oh yes food.

It was awesome seeing our youth having a great time, and seeing first hand that there are people out here that care about them, and want to see them succeed. I'm so grateful for my amazing friend, Emily Hayes, giving me an opportunity to serve with SERVED. (👀 see what I did there lol)

Birmingham Education Foundation Career Development Conference January 16, 2020

This conference was on life skills for Birmingham City Schools freshmen and sophomores. There were many different speakers at this event talking to the youth about things ranging from finances, to first aid, to cooking, to what it means to have, build, and protect a brand.

I had the pleasure of talking to 8 different groups about their brand. I was ecstatic to be able to share with those young men and women information that could make or break them in the future. I'm grateful for Dee Manyama, Connect Local Manager with Birmingham Education Foundation, for getting me involved with this great organization. I'm also grateful for Forte, president of the UAB NAS Black Alumni Chapter, capturing some video footage and sharing it live on facebook.

These events further solidified my love for our youth and my desire to continue to give back. I have been in a state of reflection on how I will continue to share my light, love, and positivity with our youth on a continuous basis. I employ you to also seek ways to impact our youth. It is easy to talk about the problems you see with our youth, but what are you doing to uplift, encourage, and sow into their lives?

As always, remember that God loves you and so do I. Love Life, Live Love, Peace Together, Not Apart.

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