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What's up beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well, and are in good health. Continued peace and blessings to all those who have been effected in any way by everything going on in our world today. It's only Wednesday, but I'm having a great week. My week starts off with my Monday morning Yoga, and it starts everything off in a beautiful direction.

My first session from Monday was great, and it left me with the catalyst for this blog. As we navigated through the session, we came up with a word that encompassed the direction of the session and also our days moving forward. "What was the word Mike?" I'm so glad you asked. The word was Intentional.

I encourage you to be intentional about your life on a daily basis. Now most of you may think of being intentional in terms of things you get done. However, I want you to realize that things that you do not complete also had intentions behind them. Think about how you can be intentional when you don't meet deadlines. Think about how you can be intentional when you don't lose that 5 pounds that you desired to. Think about how you can be intentional when you don't follow up on a commitment.

If the last few sentences seemed a little confusing, allow me to explain. When you don't do something, you're also doing something. 🤯 If you missed a deadline, it is because your intentions were not fully focused on meeting that deadline. If you didn't lose that 5 pounds, it is because your intentions were not fully committed to the actions it takes to lost that 5 pounds. So think about where your intentions are anytime you feel you are not accomplishing the things you desire.

I want you to start being intentional about all of the things in your life that are going to lead you to becoming the best version of yourself. In doing this you will begin to create that lifestyle that will supersede the obstacles and setbacks that come your way. I hope that this will help someone, as it was a breakthrough point for me.

As always, remember that God loves you, and so do I. Love Life, Live Love. Peace Together, Not Apart. Yall Take Care!

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