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Love is a beautiful seed, that if watered properly, can blossom into a beautiful living organism, that can be experienced and enjoyed by many.

Love has no binds or boundaries, when it is allowed the environment, time and opportunity to grow. It is a powerful force that can not and will not be stopped or contained. Life is truly lived, when love is added to the recipe.

I am always so blessed and honored to experience the start of a beautiful relationship, that has love all around it. My wife and I had the pleasure of traveling to experience an amazing weekend, to see one of our friends getting married. As I sat in the midst of so many of my beautiful friends from college, that I've established life long relationships with, I was compelled to deliver some of my thoughts on the power of love.

In my own life, I have experienced how many beautiful things have come to me as a result of the love that many have shown me and shared with me. I have grown into the beautiful being that I am, in large part, from the unconditional love that my beautiful wife has shown me over the years.

My wife has given me love in many different forms. The most important manifestation of love that she has shown me, is her support of all of my goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. I tell people all the time that there are so many things I feel like I could do, but I have to streamline and focus my gifts on doing one thing really well.

With the love of my wife, many life lessons, many hardships, many pains, many setbacks, and much time...

I think I have finally found that "thing" to put my focus into. I have never felt so good, and had so much love for life itself, as I do now. That feeling started August 8, 2019, when I walked away from my job of 7 1/2 years, and decided to be a full time entrepreneur.

As a life coach, I will partner with you to help you discover the power that already lies inside of you. You will gain your 5Cs. You will become Capable, Competent, Confident, Conscious, and Courageous.

As a speaker, I will ignite the fire inside of you to do bigger and better things in your daily life. The fuel is there, I just want to be the spark that puts it ablaze.

As a host, I will take your events to the next level. My love for people, and my passion for life will be felt by every single person that attends your best events that I will host.

As always,

God Loves You, So Do I

Love Life, Live Love

Peace Together, Not Apart

Yall Take Care

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