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5Cs Courageous

Well, we've finally made it to our 5th and final of the 5Cs... Courageous. I mentioned in my last blog that conscious was my favorite of all the 5Cs, but either one of them could very well serve as my favorite, depending on what the situation is in my life.

The definition of courageous is not deterred by danger or pain; brave. Now the order in which I say the 5Cs is very strategic. After you have started the journey of gaining your 5Cs, the last thing for you to do is to be courageous! In life you can't be deterred by the fear of danger or pain, you have to be brave in becoming the best version of yourself. It means that no matter what gets between you and your goals, you will make up in your mind to crush those obstacles.

To be courageous in life is a skill that we must practice daily. It is also something that we should make no compromise in cultivating. The more courageous you are, the more courageous you will become. One way to gain more courage is to change our outlook in life. It is important that we see the challenges that we face with the expected outcomes that we want. Give me a moment to expound.

On March 12, 2017 when my life changed forever, I had a choice to make. A horrible motorcycle accident left me with a broken left leg, a dislocated pelvis, a broken left middle finger and lacerated hand, a fractured left radius in my arm, and an overall jacked up left side. As I lie in the hospital for a week, I knew then how important outlook is. People were complexed as to why I was able to joke, laugh, smile, and sing in the midst of all I was going through. The simple answer is that I had already set my sights past my recovery to days like this very day. I sit here an able-bodied, thriving, loved, and loving entrepreneur with so many beautiful people in my life; sharing my light, love, and positivity with as many people as I can in the time and space that I have.

Now you are capable, competent, confident, conscious, and now courageous. I look forward to seeing your beautiful journey in this thing we call life. Let me know how I can be of assistance. As always, remember that God loves you and so do I. Love Life, Live Love, Peace Together, Not Apart.

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