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5Cs Confident

It is time we dive into my second favorite of the 5Cs. The definition of confident is feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self assured. Let us take it a step further and define confidence, which is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

I personally love this C because it has the most to do with the one thing we can control, being self. There are times in life when you just have to know deep down inside that you are the right person for the job, that you are the person that deserves to be happy, that you are next in line for elevation in life. That is the self assurance in the definition of confident.

Notice how the words feeling and belief are in the definition of confidence. There has to be a gut feeling that we will be successful as we navigate through life. Many times that comes with experience and must be developed, so go ahead and start that journey. Other times you have to trust your energy... your innerg... your inner G... your inner God. You possess all the power inside of you to crush challenges in life.

Start the process of gaining confidence by verbalizing affirmations. Some great examples would be:

1. I am more than enough.

2. Today I will accomplish all the tasks I face successfully.

3. I am confident in all that I do.

4. Today is a great day for me to level up.

There more you begin to affirm positive and high vibrating ideas in your life, the more you can begin to reap the benefits.

Now you are capable, competent, and now you have added confidence. Next week we dive into my absolute favorite C... Conscious. As always, remember that God loves you, and so do I. Love Life, Live Love, Peace Together, Not Apart.

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