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First Time Going to The Gym...

What's up beautiful people! It is my sincere desire that you all are doing well, despite everything that is going on in our world today. Ninety days people, yes ninety days is a long time to go without doing anything. It is much longer to go without doing something you love.

Well, it has been ninety days since I stepped foot inside of a gym or workout facility. Last night was my first time going to my gym again since Covid-19 started and all gyms closed. Many gyms have recently opened for business again, and I decided to go because the facility that I am a member of is always open. I figured I'd go late in the evening to avoid people and to maximize safety and social distancing. I'm thankful there were only a handful of people at any given time while I was there.

As I sit here today with a minimal amount of soreness after actually lifting some weights again, I'm reflecting on my experience last night. Overall it was a great experience that sparked something in me. There was an old flame that got a little more intense last night. Most importantly I noticed some things about myself.

I noticed that no matter how many home workouts I completed during my time away from the gym, it did not translate to using weights and heavier resistance. At one point, I had weights at home, but after having a membership at so many fitness facilities, I got rid of them. I shouldn't have.

I noticed that it is very important to stay in a routine, because it is easy to have a setback and sometimes difficult to create a healthy habit. Of course this is not really new to me, but I did learn the gravity of it.

I noticed that I have to recommit to "the bounce back." Things first change in your mind, and last night changed a lot of things for me. Now I didn't fall off much health wise, but I have work to do to get back physically and strength wise.

Now, the aforementioned lessons may sound a little neutral or negative to some, so allow me to share some great things. I noticed that just because things seem hard now, it does not mean I can't or won't get back on track.

I noticed that we have to always guard what we say and think about ourselves. The YounIverse will align to give you what you want, will, and work for. When I got home last night, I told my wife that I was weak. I immediately said, "No, I'm strong... that's what I meant to say." That alone helped my outlook instantly.

I noticed that nothing can hold you back from accomplishing your goals and becoming the better version of yourself... but YOU! See my blog about your competition.

I noticed that you can bounce back from anything once you make your mind up to do so. It doesn't matter what has happened. It doesn't matter what is going on. It doesn't matter who told you it is not possible. It doesn't matter what excuses you have given yourself. You can do any and everything that you seek to do in this life because you are capable, competent, confident, conscious, and courageous.

Share this with someone that can use a boost. Share this with someone who feel like they have fallen off. Share this with someone who you want to see succeed. As always know that God loves you, and so do I. Love Life, Live Love, Peace Together, Not Apart. Yall take care!

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Thank you!


Always an Inspiration!! The Bounce Back is real!!

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